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Product Overview

The Paramount T-series range of traffic barriers is a prestigious product designed for arduous duty and long life; the Paramount Steel Fence rising traffic barrier meets the demands of industrial and commercial customers. We offer our rising traffic barriers to suit road widths between 2.0m and 9.0m wide in single configurations. We also offer double configurations of up to 18.0m wide. 

Our Para-T series barrier range is suitable for poles up to 7.0m, or 6.0m with a lower curtain fitted. The Para T-series HD range is suitable for poles up to 9.0m long or 7.5m long where a lower curtain is required.

The UK manufactured product is driven through a highly reliable gear box and is completely hydraulic free making it suitable for use along side water courses and other locations where oil spillage would cause a significant impact on the environment.

The Paramount T-series range may well be familiar if you enter or leave the UK through a Port or Harbour. Our barriers are specified and widely used on some of the most demanding locations within the UK, including the Border Agency, and Highways Agency. Many of the sites experience traffic volumes of 6000 vehicles a day through a number of traffic lanes, demonstrating the excellent reliability of Paramount Traffic Barriers.

For quotations and automatic traffic barrier prices for our automated barrier range, (Traffic barrier prices are based on the road width) please contact our sales department.

Technical Specifications

  • Safety beams or safety induction loop
  • Shear off arm reduces barrier damge during a collision
  • Manual hand crank facility.
  • Supplied as standard in Paramount blue
  • Optional traffic lights
  • Single phase supply with three phase invertor
  • Optional tail gate prevention
  • PLC controlled
  • Optional- Powder Coating in any RAL colour of your specification
  • Optional- lower or full height curtain to deter pedestrians

Para-T series manual rising barrier data sheet

Para-T series barriers up to 7m data sheet

Para-T series HD barrier data sheet

Para-T series Layout for up to 7m

Para-T series HD layout

Para-T series manual barriers layout

Access control post- single height

Access control post- double height