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Product Overview

Paramesh 868 is a welded mesh fencing system with a distinctive appearance which allows excellent through vision, making it suitable for many applications.

The Paramesh 868 premier mesh fencing panel features twin galvanised horizontal rods 8mm in diameter, positioned either side of a 6mm diameter vertical wire.

The panels are welded at the intersection points and offer a superior degree of resistance to impact damage or vandalism to the fence line. 

One edge of the panel is finished flush, while the verticals project 30mm from the other edge to form a barbed top. This type of top forms a simple and effective deterrent to climbing and assists in preventing objects from being easily passed over the fence line.

Alternatively, the barbed edge may be positioned at ground level in situations where a flush top is required. 

Posts for Paramesh 868 are positioned at 2.525m nominal centres and feature factory-fitted inserts. Mesh fencing panels are attached by means of robust steel fixing brackets and M8 diameter tamper-proof bolts. This combination of a rigid reinforced fixing and the tamper-resistant pin provides a reliably secure fixing between the fence panel and the support post.

Standard stock heights include: 1.23m, 1.83m and 2.43m. For special applications we can also provide 3.03m high to order.

Paramesh has been designed for ease of installation, and provides the contractor and user with a cost-effective solution for all boundary requirements.

The range is available in three formats, offering differing levels of protection for boundary, demarcation and anti-intruder functions. The latter systems have vertical or cranked extensions fixed to the posts to support 3 rows of barbed wire or barbed tape.

Multi-lift Panels offer an ideal system for uses such as ball-stop fencing, where increased height is necessary to contain the activity taking place. A cost-effective method is achieved by placing one panel above the other, fixed to specially designed RHS posts.

The finish of Paramesh 868 includes a galvanised substrate and polyester powder coating in a range of standard colours.

Typical applications include: schools, colleges and universities; many local authorities specify 868 for use in parks and around public amenities.

Interactive Images

Paramesh 868 mesh fencing product data sheet

Q40 specifiers document- Paramesh 868 general heights

Q40 specifiers document- Paramesh 868 1.0m high

Q40 specifiers document- Paramesh 868 1.2m high

Q40 specifiers document- Paramesh 868 1.8m high

Q40 specifiers document- Paramesh 868 2.0m high

Q40 specifiers document- Paramesh 868 2.4m high