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Product Overview

Paramesh 358 is the ultimate welded mesh system, providing a high degree of physical perimeter protection with a discreet visual impact on the immediate environment. The panels are manufactured in a mesh pattern of 76.2mm x 12.7mm using 4mm diameter vertical and horizontal wires which are resistance welded at each intersection.

This method of construction produces a panel that is formidable in both strength and appearance. A range of square hollow section posts is available to suit the specified fencing, which is supplied in heights from 1.20m to 5.20m. The panels are attached to the post by means of a 75mm panel overlap and clamp bar which is fixed to the post by M8 bolts and Permacone nuts. Factory installed inserts, together with stainless steel bolts, are available as an option.

The system’s ability to provide a single panel up to 5.20m in height means that it is widely specified by prison and military establishments and authorities wishing to protect assets which have a significant strategic importance. It is frequently specified at heights up to 3.60m for use in schools, parks, leisure and recreational areas and retail and commercial developments. 

Paramesh 358 security panels are extremely difficult to penetrate, with the small mesh aperture being effectively finger-proof and highly resistant to attack using conventional hand tools. It is also very difficult and time-consuming to attempt to pass items from the protected areas through the fencing, an attribute which has been identified and utilised by a number of major retail outlets.

Resistance to burrowing and climbing: for high security areas, a concrete sill can be specified to deter efforts to burrow beneath the fence line; or alternatively the panel can be supplied extended by 300mm at the base for burying below the ground.

Brackets to support barbed wire or tape can be supplied to provide additional protection at high level, in order to deter even the most ambitious climber. 

Interactive Images

Paramesh 358 prison mesh fencing data sheet

Q40 specifiers document- Paramesh 358 general heights

Q40 specifiers document- Paramesh 358 2.0m high

Q40 specifiers document- Paramesh 358 2.4m high

Q40 specifiers document- Paramesh 358 3.0m high