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Product Overview

Automatic sliding gates are available from a number of suppliers, but few have the 30 years of product pedigree offered by Paramount Steel Fence. Safeslide automatic gates are built in our Stoke On Trent manufacturing facility offering exceptional reliability, combined with quick, safe and smooth travel.

Designed to suit road widths of up to 6.00m and manufactured in heights of 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.1m and 2.4m

Double leaf pairs can be configured up to 12.0m wide, making then suited to airports and fire stations

 Designed by our in house design studio to meet Health & Safety specifications, and to comply with the following applicable standards;

BS EN 12453 Automated Gates and Barriers

BS EN 954-1 Moving Machinery Act (Type A)

BS EN 1005 Manual Handling Regulations (This will apply during a mains power failure when the gate has to be moved manually)

Finish: Hot dipped Galvanised obtaining a long operating life, with optional powder coating in any RAL colour.

Delivery: Assembly and erection by the fencing/civil contractor. Super fast and easy installation

No specialist lifting equipment would normally be required to install SAFESLIDE™

Ground/Civil works: Minimal works required, reducing investment costs

We configure two emergency stop buttons, a separate LED orange flashing light and leading pressure sensitive detection edges. SAFESLIDE™ offers electronic and physical crush prevention systems. These solutions reduce the risk of a person becoming trapped in the moving parts of the gate assembly.

Paramount steel fence developed a custom designed and built advanced drive system technology based around our highly popular and cycle proven chain drive technology. Quad top rolling nylon guides permit a smooth and fast travel motion, and offer exceptional reliability even in bad weather.

Technical Specifications

  • Proven functions & with easily servicable product
  • Exceptional performance and chain drive technology
  • Purpose built highly reliable transmission and gears
  • Ground operating speed 290mm per second
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Soft Start/Instant stop function, stops travel within 0.5 of a second, faster than the required safety legislation
  • Manual hand wind facility for use in an emergency
  • 240V single phase power supply 
  • Low service costs

Other Product Features

  • Dead man stop buttons on both sides of the gantry.
  • LED warning beacon
  • Mechanical Overload/Anti-crushing technology
  • Crushing prevention technology
  • Fully monitored collapsible safety /stop circuits, to meet HSE requirements within the Moving Machinery act
  • Dual fog and snow resistant safety beams
  • Mesh cladding in any Paramesh range
  • Pressure sensitive detection edges fitted to all moving parts
  • Stops upon contact with an object