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Product Overview

Our select range of heavy duty double leaf cant-lever sliding gates are manufactured in the Uk and have over a 25 year pedigree. Using heavy-duty steel box section designed to resist unauthorised entry to the protected premises. They offer a fast response to opening and closing any entrance from between 6.0m and 20.0m wide.

Specifying a double leaf canti-lever gate over the more traditional tracked sliding gate provides the customer with extra benefits. They can span sloping or uneven roads, pass easily across waterways or railway tracks and in single leaf configurations they can be manufactured to suit road widths from 2.0m and 10.0m, and 1.0m to 3.0m high.

We also manufacture single leaf configurations, which are popular for use on a range of industrial and commercial applications. More information on our single leaf sliding gates can be found on the heavy duty automatic gates section.

Our heavy duty automatic sliding gates have features which have been designed specifically to maintain reliability even in arduous and difficult environments.

The sliding gate leaf is manufactured as one constructional section. This minimizes the risk of damage to vehicles or people should a vehicle collide with the gate.

Our Heavy duty gates are CE marked for use in the European Union.
The gate offers an impressive travel speed at around 300mm per second per leaf, which in a dual leaf configuration opens a space of 600mm per second. This is much faster than most comparible products. Movement is monitored in both the open and closing routines. The chain driven custom drive solution continuously monitors the travelling gate. The gate will reverse and then stop should it encounter an object in its path.

Designed to fulfill simple installation, the free standing gantry makes it easy to lift the gate into position, in one operation. This reduces costs and offers speedy installation.


Box tube, Vertical Bar, Palisade and most mesh systems can be specified on our heavy duty gates. Due to safety legislation we provide all of our gates with a protection mesh installed behind any vertical uprights.

Technical Specifications

  • Twin safety beams, detect objects in the gates path.
  • The twin beam is immune to snow, fog which can cause failures in bad weather conditions.
  • Manual hand crank facility.
  • Fully galvanised, ensuring a long life solution.
  • Emergency stop buttons are fitted to both sides of both support gantries.
  • Optional dual LED Orange Flashing beacon.
  • Drive chain protection system monitors the gates health.
  • Advanced safety system- A purpose designed gate controller prevents accidental crushing of persons around the working area of the automatic gate. The control system determines which direction the gate is travelling, if contact is made with an object, the moving part of the gate will reverse in the opposite direction by 50mm and then stop reducing the risk of injury. 
  • Optional- Powder Coating in any popular RAL colour.
  • Optional- Moving machinery Act approved compliant category 3 detection devices are available.

Other Product Features

RAL Colour chart- Optional powder coating can customise a gate into your own corporate colours, or will match with an existing or new powder coated fence. (Colours are provided for reference only, please ask for a colour chart).

For more information or to request a site visit, please contact our sales team on 01782 833333 or email us at

Our 24hr Service Centre offers end users with support and after sales care, we can provide a service or maintenance package to suit all of our product ranges, and keep your automated gate in the best of  condition. Serviced products offer end users with exceptional reliability and a long life span.